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I’ve been noticing how the way I show up affects what happens. Sometimes I impact a situation unintentionally, often because I am not fully present in the moment, like when I don’t notice how another person is feeling or what their words really ‘say’ about what they need, and I respond inappropriately or don’t respond at all. When I’m more aware – of myself, others, and the situation, my impact is more conscious and I can be intentional about what I say and do.

I’m curious about what I can create when I slow down enough to focus in the now versus be thoughtlessly in action. Is it better to get a lot of things done in ‘autopilot’ or to do fewer things so that I am experiencing them? What happens when I am absorbed in my own worries and thoughts, versus when I fully engage with another person? How does it feel when I consciously show up, versus not? What impact do I want to have?


Try This!

1. Think about your interactions last week…one-on-one encounters with friends or time with family members or interactions during work-related conference calls or in-person meetings…and consider these questions:

  • How did I show up?
  • What was my experience of the meeting?
  • How did my presence influence the experience for everyone involved?

2. Pick a meeting you will be having with someone sometime this week. Before the meeting, get clear on:

  • How do I want to show up?
  • What do I want to create in this encounter?

During your time together, tune in to these considerations:

  • What is happening for me right now?  Am I engaged?
  • What is happening for the others?  Are they engaged?
  • How are things going?  What kind of experience is it?
  • How am I contributing to what’s being created?

Afterwards ask yourself the questions you considered in Step 1.

 Word Cloud


Quotes to Contemplate

  • Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James
  • The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment. ~Tomy Robbins
  • Small things done consistently create major impact.
  • If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito. ~Anita Roddick 🙂
  • Everyone has a unique role to fill in the world. Everyone, including and perhaps especially you, is indispensible. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Don’t think about the future. Just be here now. Don’t think about the past. Just be here now. ~Ram Dass
  • Genuine listening means suspending memory, desire, and judgment — and, for a moment at least, existing for the other person.   Michael P. Nichols
  • A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. ~Jackie Robinson
  • If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others. ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  • It is through our actions, words, and thoughts that we have a choice. ~Sogyal Rinpoche
  • Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. ~Mother Teresa
  • Life is a sum of all your choices. ~Albert Camus


Click on the link below to access the December calendar featuring highlights from this post.

Try This! Impact_Dec2013 Calendar

Photo by Vicki L. Flaherty, 2013 (Morning glories in Deia, Mallorca, Spain).

© copyright Vicki L. Flaherty, Leading With Intention, 2013


4 thoughts on “Impact

  1. Thanks Vicki, you make me think about what I do, or more importantly what I do NOT do ..

    PS I still owe you a book on Oz, have looked a couple of times, can’t find the right one, also time is an expensive commodity for me now – as you know .. cheers Geoff

  2. Hello, Vicki.

    I always find your posts to be thought-provoking and inspirational – Thank You.

    One statement caught my attention: “I’m curious about what I can create when I slow down enough to focus in the now versus be thoughtlessly in action.”

    Ah … Focus. Easy to say, hard to attain, but worthwhile when achieved. Reminds me of another quote: “Focus is a substitute for time.” — David Allen

    Hope you are well, Vicki.

    Best regards,

    Hector ______________


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