About the blog

I’ve created this place to bring together words, quotes and ideas that inspire me to lead life intentionally. This blog is about personal leadership, about the impact we have because of the way we show up. It is the about the opportunities we have every day – truly every moment – to be clear about what we want to create, about our intentions for ourselves, our lives, others, our work, the world.

A little history…in 2007 I was inspired to start a leadership communique which I called Try This! The mailing was initially distributed to my colleagues at work who attended a technical leadership event called Imagine the Possibilities. Over the years the e-mail distribution grew, both inside and outside of work. After much encouragement, I decided to move the communique to a blog format, in the hope of creating an even bigger community of intentional leaders in action.  I look forward to exploring leadership with you and welcome your comments.

The opinions, views, and perspectives shared in this blog are those of Vicki Flaherty and are not intended to necessarily reflect those of IBM or other organizations with which I am associated.

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