About Vicki


I am passionate about helping individuals bring their best to their lives and work. I have had the great fortune to do this at IBM since 1998. I thrive when I am creating and collaborating, when I am writing and speaking, when I am designing talent programs, and creating innovative and inspiring development experiences that matter. Right now, my work involves designing and managing leadership programs for the next generation of leaders. I have served in IBM’s prestigious Corporate Service Corps, led work to develop IBM’s current leadership competencies, and won awards for my work in career development. I served on the Board of Directors for the Green Building Certification Institute from 2008-2014 and think there is something important about how we engage with Mother Earth. I love to write and have published two books of poetry: my first in 2012, Mostly My Heart Sings, and my latest in 2017, And Then Opens Possibility. I am an avid runner, enjoy yoga and gardening, and love traveling with my husband Jim. I currently call home Iowa City, Iowa.

You can find me on LinkedIn and twitter.

My blogs include:


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