What people are saying

“I love receiving your ‘Try This!’ … a breath of fresh air every time.”  From a human resources partner

“Thanks for the monthly ‘moment of zen’.”  From a leadership development facilitator

“Thanks for these ‘tips’. They’re always relevant and help me remember the simple things I can do to mitigate stress.”  From a friend at the University of Iowa

“You’ve inspired me. We’ve used some of your quotes during our sales training for flip charts and to generally create inspiration in the room.”  From a sales trainer

“Thanks again for these wonderful thought provokers! I am using this month’s Try This! with my team for our annual development conversations.”  From a facility management professional

“I just had to thank you…your communique couldn’t have come at a better time. It is definitely what the doctor ordered as I’m trying to use too many avenues at the same time.  Your message will accompany me for quite awhile to remind me…I CAN stop and return to the ways that used to work for me and still will…one thing at a time.”  From family friend

“Your communiqué is always relevant and mentally stimulating for me. I look forward to your words and thoughts each month, and I like to set aside time to think when I receive them. I save them and come back to them, to be used in situations when the words precisely describe a feeling, situation – whatever it is.”  From an enterprise architect manager

“I’ve been saving this all week until I could focus on it without distraction. Thank you so much….some very worthwhile contemplations!”  From an certified senior project manager

“I find these both inspiring and useful – especially in today’s environment. This one seems to speak to me at exactly the right time with the right message. You are awesome!!”   From a certified executive project manager

“Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and what a deep, meaningful, beautiful poem you wrote.  You never cease to amaze me!!!”  From a certified professional coach

8 thoughts on “What people are saying”

  1. An ancient Danish poem states ‘the deepest well always yields the clearest water..’.

    And so Dear Vicki, I find that your ‘inspirations’ are like this, just now with this beautiful poem and 10 good advises for 2013 (I think you actually have 37 elements grouped altogether :))

    Best Wishes – Soar High!

  2. Thank you Vicki. I love receiving your monthly “Try This”, and like others, try to save it for when I have time to read, ponder and digest it. Your poems inspire me too, and remind me that I want to find time to return to my own poetry. Thank you for the collecting the year into one inspiring resource, and thank you for reminding me that there is another world out there and perhaps a way of redefining the interminable daily pressure of work….

    1. Maggie, I thought I had replied to this when it came in…Thank you for your kind words. I hope that you have found more time for your poetry and your own ways of defining your days? 🙂

  3. Dear Vicki I also find your work and words inspiring. I often share them with our Sellers to support them in their daily quest, which at times is stressful and extremely demanding. I find your contributions mindful and uplifting. Thank you for your sharing. Cheers L.

    1. Lisa, I am so glad you find the blogs inspiring – and enough to share them with others. I hope together we help lift the spirits of our hard working sellers! Best to you! Vicki

  4. Hello Vicki, i found you after reading the “help your dream come true” post over on misifusa’s blog. i really love what i see here so far – thanks for sharing a part of yourself with us 🙂 we are all in this together.

  5. I absolutely love love this…I try everyday to practice this…but often fail..and continue to need to be mindful of that moment in time..and LISTEN…

    thanks for being you.


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